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Cat Lover’s Dream: 3 Islands of Purr-adise

Calling all feline fanatics! If you’ve been craving the ultimate cat lover’s getaway – this is for you.

What if we told you there are entire islands filled with your furry friends, just waiting to be explored?

For those who may not have known about these fantastic feline havens, we’re here to introduce you to the most popular cat islands in the entire world.

These destinations promise a unique experience amidst stunning natural landscapes – perfect for anybody yearning for a vacation destination that truly speaks to their “cat-itude.”

So, get ready to whisk(er) away and immerse yourself in some of the most paw-some places on earth!

Cat Island #1: Aoshima Island, Japan

Nestled in Japan’s Ehime Prefecture, Aoshima Island – or Cat Island, as it’s more appropriately known – is home to a thriving population of cats that far outnumbers its human residents.

With approximately 130 cats and fewer than 20 people inhabiting the island, Aoshima provides an unmatched experience for cat lovers.

This feline paradise was not created intentionally – it all began when cats were brought over to help combat rising rodent numbers among the fishing boats.

Over time, the cat population flourished alongside local fishermen who continued to feed them.

The allure of Aoshima extends beyond its free-roaming feline population; this remote island offers serene landscapes and lush walking trails perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Be sure to bring your own food and water as there are no vending machines or stores on the island.

Cat Island aka Aoshima Island, Japan (Video)

Cat Island #2: Tashirojima, Japan

Another breathtaking destination in Japan, Tashirojima is an island located in Miyagi Prefecture renowned for its cat population.

Known as the “Island of Cats” or “Manga Island” due to artist Shotaro Ishinomori’s cat-themed Manga lodges, it is believed that the feline residents were initially brought over to help protect silkworms on this once silk-producing island.

In addition to enjoying the company of furry friends, visitors can explore the cat-shaped buildings designed by Ishinomori himself, and immerse themselves in the tranquil environment Tashirojima has to offer.

Local folklore has it that cats bring good luck and prosperity; as such, they are very well cared for by the residents.

Remember, there are limited guest accommodations on the island, so plan your visit well in advance!

Cat Lover’s Paradise (Video)

Cat Island #3: Syros, Greece

While not entirely dedicated to cats like our previous destinations, the beautiful Greek Island of Syros hosts a unique cat sanctuary called “Syros Cat Welfare Society,” which provides shelter and care for hundreds of cats in need.

Established in 1995, this sanctuary cares for abandoned or injured cats but maintains an open-door policy – meaning you’re free to interact with their furry wards.

With its picturesque beaches and charming architecture, Syros itself is an idyllic destination for travelers seeking both a unique cat-loving experience and an opportunity to explore Greece’s beautiful Cyclades archipelago.

The Island of Stray Cats (Video)


So, feline fanatics, whether it’s Japan’s abundant cat islands or the idyllic haven found on Syros — there are countless destinations waiting to be explored by those who truly cherish our delightful whiskered companions.

Now that you’re aware of these magical places, all that’s left to do is pack your bags and enjoy an unforgettable “cat-cation!”

"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this."
-- Terry Pratchett

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