Cat with orange eyes

Cats with Orange Eyes: Discover 7 Stunning Breeds

Have you ever come across a cat with mesmerizing orange eyes?

These captivating creatures are not only attractive but also possess unique traits across various breeds.

In this article, we’ll cut straight to the chase and introduce you to seven cat breeds known for their dazzling orange eyes.

7 Stunning Breeds with Orange Eyes

1. Abyssinian: Known for their regal appearance, Abyssinians have striking orange or gold eyes. These athletic and playful cats are also recognized for their short, ticked coat, usually in shades of brown, fawn, or cinnamon.

2. Burmese: Beyond their enchanting orange or gold eyes, Burmese cats are renowned for their muscular bodies and sleek coats. They are available in various colors, including sable, champagne, platinum, and blue. Their affectionate nature makes them ideal companions for those seeking a loving pet.

3. Chausie: These large and energetic cats are a hybrid between an Abyssinian and a jungle cat. Chausies have orange, gold, or yellow eyes, which perfectly complement their ticked or marbled coats. Their outgoing personalities make them well-suited for active households.

4. Cornish Rex: In addition to their alluring orange eyes, Cornish Rex cats are characterized by their slender build and short, curly fur. These intelligent and active felines enjoy playing and interacting with their owners, making them beloved family pets.

5. Devon Rex: Similar to their Cornish Rex counterparts, Devon Rex cats also boast orange eyes and an agile, slender physique. With their distinctively wavy coats and large ears, these energetic cats are a sight to behold.

6. Egyptian Mau: As one of the few natural spotted breeds, Egyptian Maus feature gooseberry green, amber, or hazel eyes. These medium-sized cats are known for their striking appearance, which includes a silver or bronze coat adorned with dark spots.

7. Turkish Angora: Last but not least, Turkish Angoras often possess vibrant orange or amber eyes. These elegant cats are celebrated for their silky, long-haired coats that come in various colors and patterns. Their playful yet gentle nature makes them incredible companions.


Now that we’ve introduced these seven charming cat breeds with orange eyes, you might feel inspired to learn more about their characteristics and personalities.

While appearance is undoubtedly intriguing, it’s important to consider a cat’s temperament and care requirements when choosing a new pet.

Cat with Orange Eyes – Miracle of Nature (Video)

"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this."
-- Terry Pratchett

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