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5 Reasons Your Cat Swipes at You When You Walk By

Have you ever wondered why your cat swipes at you as you walk by? This seemingly odd behavior can be baffling to many cat owners. However, there are several reasons behind this common cat action, ranging from playfulness to territorialism. Let’s explore these factors to better understand your cat’s swiping habits.

Instinctively, Cats Are Hunters

Firstly, cats are natural-born hunters and instinctively enjoy stalking, pouncing, and swiping at objects or creatures that move. When you walk by, your cat may perceive your movement as an invitation to engage in a playful hunting simulation. As such, the swiping action is entirely normal and a healthy way for your cat to express its instincts.

Another factor to consider is your cat’s age. Younger cats, especially kittens, often have boundless energy and are constantly seeking ways to entertain themselves. Swiping at your legs as you pass by might simply be a fun game for them. As cats grow older, they may become less playful, and the swiping behavior should gradually decrease.

Additionally, your cat’s interaction with other pets, or lack thereof, could influence their swiping behavior. If your cat doesn’t have another furry companion to play with, she may be more likely to swipe at humans. Providing your cat with toys and opportunities for interactive play can help reduce their need to swipe at you as you walk by.

Cats Are Territorial

Cats are also known to be territorial creatures. In some cases, a cat may swipe at you to assert their dominance or claim their territory. This behavior is more likely to occur when you’ve recently brought a new cat or pet into the home. In such instances, giving your cat time to adjust and ensuring they have their own space can help alleviate territorial swiping.

They Also Like Attention

Also, consider the possibility that your cat may be seeking attention. Swiping at you as you pass by might be their way of grabbing your attention and encouraging you to interact with them. In this case, spending more quality time with your cat and engaging in play sessions can help satisfy their need for attention.

Fear or Discomfort

On the other hand, it’s also possible that your cat is swiping at you due to fear or discomfort. For example, if the swiping behavior is accompanied by hissing or growling, your cat may be trying to communicate that they want you to maintain a distance. Respecting your cat’s boundaries and addressing any potential stressors can help alleviate this type of swiping.

Each cat has its unique personality and quirks. What may be considered normal for one cat might not be the same for another. Observing your cat’s overall behavior and demeanor can help you better understand their individual preferences and mannerisms, including the reason behind their swipes.


The act of swiping at you when you walk by can be attributed to a range of reasons, from playfulness and attention-seeking to territorialism and fear. By taking the time to observe your cat’s behavior and addressing any underlying issues, you can foster a harmonious relationship and better understand your cat’s unique world.

Related Questions

1. Why does my cat swipe at me as I walk by?

It could be a playful gesture, a display of affection, or a way to grab your attention. Cats have unique personalities, and their swiping behavior can vary based on their mood and individual traits.

2. Is swiping a sign of aggression in cats?

Not necessarily. While it can be a sign of frustration or agitation in some cases, swiping is often a playful action. Observe your cat’s body language and other behaviors to better understand their intentions.

3. How can I stop my cat from swiping at me?

Try engaging your cat in playtime with toys or interactive games. This will help redirect their energy and keep them entertained, reducing the likelihood of them swiping at you.

4. Could my cat be swiping at me due to a medical issue?

While it’s less common, underlying health issues can contribute to changes in behavior, including swiping. If you notice any sudden or unusual changes in your cat’s behavior, consult with a veterinarian for a thorough evaluation.

5. What other factors can influence my cat’s swiping behavior?

Environmental factors, such as changes in routine or the presence of other pets or people, can impact your cat’s behavior. Additionally, boredom and lack of stimulation can lead to attention-seeking actions like swiping.

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"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this."
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