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Best and Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

The 15 Top-Rated Gift Ideas for Your Feline-Friends and the Owners Who Love Them

If you’re searching for unique gifts for cat lovers, you’re in the right place. Take a peek at the following for some interesting ideas:

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What I Like About This Cat Bed

This is a cat bed that offers maximum versatility and comfort. I chose this product because it provides everything your cat needs without adding a bunch of bells and whistles that most cats won’t notice. As cat-beds go, this is the one that my cats enjoy the most.

The bed is about 22 inches in diameter and looks kind of like a flying saucer or something from a science-fiction movie. This makes it a great choice for those who enjoy a streamlined and “futuristic” look.

You can unzip the bed in the middle and use either side as a standalone bed. This might be great if you happen to have another cat visiting your home. You could accommodate both without the need to buy another dream pod. This is also good because some cats may not like to be enclosed.

This is also a heated bed with a pad in the bottom that can be installed and removed with ease. This is great because not every cat needs a heater, especially if you live someplace warm.

I was also pleased to see that the heater only pulls four watts of power — very efficient. Of course, it’s also good that you can easily remove the heater for quick and easy inspection.

And lastly, the bed has an easily accessible entry, so most cats will have no problem getting in and out.


  • Versatile — can be used in varied ways
  • Heated
  • The heater is easy to install and remove
  • Cats usually like the privacy afforded by this product
  • Easily accessible so cats can quickly get in and out


  • Not suited for claustrophobic cats
  • Heating-pad doesn’t get all that warm

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There are all kinds of cat trees out there, and many of them look the same at first glance. For a cat owner, there is a temptation to pick one on impulse and buy it without too much evaluation. However, this isn’t the right attitude to take.

Unless you have a whole bunch of cats, you don’t really need one of those big 6-foot monstrosities taking up space in your home. One or two cats can be quite happy with a medium-sized model like the Pawz Road Cat Tree.

This cat tree is less than three feet tall, and about 20 inches in width. However, it incorporates all the classic features. The Pawz Road Cat Tree has two enclosed condos, a short ramp, a scratching post, a big open platform on top, and it even has a little fuzzy ball that hangs down in front of the top condo.

You can see the intelligence of the design when you look at the scratching post. It serves a dual purpose, acting as extra support for the top platform.

I like the double condos because they can double as cat beds. If you are on a tight budget, you can save a little bit of money this way. Of course, you would want to get your cats a small cushion for each condo. A heating pad could even be added to make each condo a perfect winter bed. Of course, you need to be careful if you go this route. If your cat has a tendency to chew on electrical cords, you obviously shouldn’t add a heating pad.

The hanging ball toy is also smartly-designed. It detaches easily with the push of a single button. The cord itself is not particularly strong, which is a good thing. Hanging toys can sometimes carry a risk of suffocation through self-hanging. A weak cord ensures that a cat will simply fall to the ground as the cord breaks.

My only complaint with this product is the ramp. Although the ramp has good traction and is easy to climb, I have noticed that my cats almost never use it. This is because the condo is so short that the ramp becomes pointless. Almost any cat can easily jump to the second story.

The open platform at the top of the tree is also very nice. It is thickly padded, making it a great place for cats to lounge and catch the warmth of the sun. The edges are also thickly padded so that your cat can use them as a pillow. As a final added bonus, this product comes with an extra hanging ball. Since this is the only part of the tree that a cat could potentially destroy, that is a big plus.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can double as a cat bed for at least two cats
  • Built-in scratching post made of sisal rope
  • Good variety of features
  • Hanging toy is made in a relatively safe way


  • The ramp is kind of useless
  • Hanging toy could still present a small hazard
  • May not be suitable for people with many cats
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This might just be the best litter box I have ever seen. At first glance, it looks just like a small toilet. The appearance is not deceiving, as the Toilet Genie works much like any other toilet.

It can be hard to judge this type of product because it is never pleasant to deal with feces. No matter what kind of litter box you use, dealing with it will always be a pain. However, this is just one of those things that you accept when you choose to adopt a new cat.

This device is meant to be used in the bathroom, as it requires a connection to the water lines. This isn’t so bad since the bathroom is the proper place for this kind of thing. However, it could be a problem for those who have very small bathrooms.

The Toilet Genie requires that you hook a hose up to your water system. The easiest way is to use the cold water line that normally goes to your washing machine. Use a coupler so that you don’t have to unhook your washer.

This device seems pretty sturdy, as most of its working parts are made of aluminum rather than plastic. The bowl contains a substance that works like kitty litter but isn’t kitty litter. The manufacturer calls them “washable granules” and they are very small.

These washable granules absorb urine and fecal matter, much like normal kitty litter. Unlike normal kitty litter, this stuff can be re-used for quite a long time. The machine uses a sanitary cartridge to clean the granules with cold, sterilized water.

The most interesting feature is a mechanical scoop that lowers itself into the bowl so that it can scoop up those stinky little clumps. The machine uses a current of sanitized water to make the granules swirl around. As they swirl, they pass through the scoop, where the large clumps are removed.

After this, the scoop lifts itself up and deposits the poo in a compartment where it can be ground into smaller pieces and evacuated. This thing has a second hose with a hooked end, very similar to the drain hose on your washing machine. The machine uses this hose to evacuate the near-liquified filth.

This product represents a really clever idea, and that’s what I like about it. It does have a few problems though. The granules are too small and have a tendency to be tracked. Cats will pick up the little wet granules on their feet, so get a mat for your device to help with this problem. You can also use an aftermarket “dome” that covers the box completely except for a small access hole.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Ideal for those who hate the smell of kitty litter
  • Allows your cat to emulate your bathroom habits
  • Sturdy construction
  • Never get poo on your hands again


  • Tiny granules tend to be tracked outside the bowl
  • Automatic scoop will sometimes miss tiny pieces of filth
  • Requires you to buy both sani-solution and washable granules
  • Requires access to a cold water line

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This item is definitely the cheapest item on our list. These little cat toys are so cheap that anyone can afford them with no trouble. They are just little stuffed toys that are specially made to entertain cats in several ways.

First of all, these toys are crinkly. When they are squished a little bit, they make a noise that is very pleasing to cats, and which encourages them to continue playing. When I first brought these toys home to my cats, they were a little confused when they heard that crinkling noise. They didn’t know what to think, but this only piqued their curiosity and made them that much more determined to chase and chew on these little things.

That being said, the crinkle from these toys isn’t very loud. This has led some buyers to complain that their cats lose interest in the toy after a while. However, this is due to the eventual wearing-off of the catnip and silvervine scents.

The most important thing about these toys is that they are infused with catnip and silvervine. Catnip, for those who don’t know, is a plant that cats really love. It has been incorporated into many different feline products for this reason. Silvervine is far less well-known, but its effects upon the feline attitude are similar.

Silvervine, known in Japan as Matatabi, has been proven to produce euphoric effects in cats. It is worth noting that the silvervine response is normally more intense than the catnip response. This suggests that silvervine really makes cats feel good. Some have spoken against the use of catnip and silvervine, claiming that the cat is merely “getting high.” However, there seems to be no harm in the use of these plants. As such, most cat owners don’t worry about these concerns.

These toys are made in Japan, and that probably explains why one of them looks like a little sushi roll. The other one looks like a cartoonish sushi chef, so it’s not hard to tell where these things were made. Speaking of which, these toys are sewn together very securely, so they are likely to last a while.

In spite of the crinkliness, my cats also love to cuddle and rub against these toys. They are very soft and probably provide a significant comfort factor. Another good thing about these toys is that they have zero toxicity. This means that if your cat should happen to eat a little piece, they will be fine.

One downside to these toys would be the fact that they are pretty small, making them less well-suited for large cats. However, the small size can be a plus if you are dealing with a kitten.


  • Smells like two plants that cats love
  • Crinkly sound
  • Very inexpensive
  • Good and soft
  • Non-toxic


  • The plant-based scents will eventually go away
  • Not available in a wide range of styles
  • The product should probably crinkle a little bit more

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If your cat spends all its time indoors, this product is probably not for you. However, for those of you who are able to let your cat run, a cat door is almost a necessity. Not only will the cat love it, but it will also save you the trouble of letting your cat in and out.

As all cat owners know, these animals often have a hard time deciding if they want to go inside or outside. We’ve all had this experience before; we hear the cat meowing at the door, so we assume that he wants to come inside. You open the door, expecting the cat to run in the house and head for their favorite spot. Instead, they choose to stand right in the doorway and meow.

Since these animals are so indecisive, a cat door becomes a way to put the decision firmly in their hands….well, paws. While there are many models, I have gotten some very good results from the Depets model with the transparent plastic door. This thing is basically the most high-tech cat door I have ever seen.

For one thing, this looks like a cat door that you would see on “Star Trek.” That doesn’t matter to everyone, but I find it to be very cool. The entire thing rests in a sturdy metal frame that can be installed in virtually any door or wall. The door itself is about ten inches tall and about nine inches wide. This means that it is able to accommodate all but the largest of cats.

One of the biggest problems with a cat door is rain. When a heavy downpour occurs, you can be almost certain that some water is going to make its way into your home through the cat door. Depending on the design of your home, this may be a big problem or a small problem. Still, it is good to see that Depets considered this problem and devised a simple and effective solution.

The door has a rubber seal around it so that it can be fully sealed in the same way that your front door is sealed. I am not a fan of “gimmicky” features that use strange and unproven designs to try and catch the consumers’ eye with something “different.” here, they just stuck to an old and workable idea.

My favorite thing about this cat door is the variable switch. There are two switched on the bottom rim, and you can use these to control exactly how your door will open. You can set it open in either direction or both directions. You can also lock it fully so that it won’t open at all. Since the habits of a cat (as well as your living situation) are so varied, it’s good to know that I have plenty of options.


  • Weather-sealed
  • Variable switch
  • Good for small dogs as well
  • Transparent for easy viewing
  • Looks cool


  • May create a security risk in high-crime areas
  • May not be suitable for installation in thick walls
  • ABS plastic is tough, but an accidental kick could still break it

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This might be the only item on our list that isn’t specifically intended for cats. However, this is a device that can be of great help to cat owners. As you might guess from the name, this product is an odor eliminator.

Unlike some devices of this type, the TrueAir is a small and compact box that can be mounted to a wall for those with limited space. The whole thing is only about 10 inches square (a little less, actually) but is capable of de-odorizing an entire room.

There is a limit to how much this product can do, of course. It is recommended to use this unit in rooms that are roughly ten feet by ten feet. Since ten feet by ten feet isn’t a particularly large room, you need to be careful about placement. For our purposes, the placement is obvious.

By putting one of these devices right above your cat’s litter box, you can really do a lot to reduce the smell. For those who either cannot afford a self-cleaning litterbox or those who just don’t like them, this can be combined with a traditional litterbox to keep your home from smelling like excrement.

There is no doubt that cat urine is exceptionally potent. In the wild, felines of all sorts will use their urine to mark the lines of their territory. This is why the urine of male cats is especially stinky. The males are far more territorial than the females, and they need a stronger scent to ward off potential rivals.

For those with multiple cats, the potent stench of cat urine can present an even larger problem. Often, it will be harder for such people to keep up with the cleaning. That’s where this product comes into play. Of course, I am not telling you to neglect the cleaning of your cat box. That would be disgusting and unsanitary. However, an anti-odor device like this can buy you a little more time in between cleanings.

This device requires electricity and works in a very simple way. The device has an intake fan that sucks up the stinky air and passes it through a three-stage carbon filter. This removes the smell of excrement, as well as a lot of dust, helping to keep your cat’s bathroom corner smelling fresh.

It should be noted that this unit isn’t all that powerful. If your litter box is truly filthy, this unit will not completely mask the smell. It will help, but don’t expect miracles. It’s also a little bit loud, especially if you use the “high” setting.

Because this isn’t a heavy-duty device, it doesn’t pull a whole lot of power. It uses less than 15 watts of power, which isn’t too bad at all.


  • Helps remove cat odors
  • Not very expensive
  • Simple and compact
  • Filters last almost six months


  • Requires that you stock up on filters
  • Not powerful enough to cover up the worst of smells
  • Slightly loud when set on high
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There are a lot of automatic cat feeders out there, but this one seems to be the best overall. It has a sleek and high-tech appearance, and the features to match. This thing almost qualifies as a computer.

The best thing about this feeder is the precise control that it offers, and this is why I like it so much. When you need to leave the house for a few days, it is very good to know that you can still exercise precise control over your cat’s food intake. This thing can hold up to three liters worth of food, so it is sufficient for trips up to one week in length.

This thing does a lot more than just dump some food in your cat’s bowl. It has an infrared sensor that tells it exactly when the bowl is full. This ensures that the cat food doesn’t overflow. It also helps to keep the dispensing mechanism from becoming clogged. As far as I can see, this sensor is the main tool with which your machine determines how much food to dispense.

Another great thing is the fact that you can record your voice. This means that the feeder can use your voice to call the cat and let them know when it’s time to eat. There are some automatic feeders that allow you to control the feeder in real time with a cellphone app, but those are much more expensive. In most cases, it’s just not worth the extra cost.

When it comes to the amount of food that is dispensed, you have 39 different settings to choose from. This means there should be no problem finding the amount that is right for your cat. The food is kept in a very well-sealed compartment so that it will remain fresh. This also makes it harder for your cat to break open the casing and gorge themselves. Since the cat is unlikely to smell the food, they will be unlikely to raid the reservoir.

Of course, this thing requires electricity. However, it does have a versatile power setup. You can use an AC adaptor, or you can run the device with batteries. The best thing is to plug the device into the wall, but go ahead and add the batteries as a backup power source. This ensures that your cat will still be fed even if the cord somehow becomes dislodged from the wall.

As for complaints, some people don’t like the fact that the display only shows military time. Also, some buyers have reported defects and failures of several kinds, although most reviews have been positive. This is why you should always test an automatic feeder before leaving on a long trip.


  • Very precise control over portions and feeding times
  • Infrared sensor guards against over-dispensing
  • Versatile power setup- can use either batteries or a cord
  • Well-sealed and sturdy-built
  • Allows use of the owner’s voice to call the cat for a meal


  • Requires regular testing to prevent malfunctions
  • 39 different food settings might be a little excessive
  • Displays military time (not a problem for everyone)

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Since we have already talked about automatic feeders, it remains that we speak about automatic water dispensers. This is a much simpler kind of device than an automatic feeder because it is basically just a fountain.

A fountain is an extremely simple device. Its only working part is a pump that brings water up to the top. Gravity does the rest of the work. However, The Lotus Fountain is a little better than the other fountains I have tried. It has a few interesting features that give it the edge over its competition.

First of all, this thing is very quiet. The fountain is designed in such a way that the water does not fall very far at any point. This means that you will not be disturbed by the noise during those moments when you want peace and quiet. The pump is a submersible one, which is a clever design because the water also helps to mask the noise.

The Lotus Fountain also contains a double-filtration mechanism. This means that it will actually improve the quality of the water that you add. One of the filters is a foam pad that collects hair, dirt, and other physical debris. The second filter is a charcoal filter. This removes chemical contaminants and various contaminants that might be dissolved in tap water.

As a nice little bonus, this fountain has a decorative LED light that looks very nice in a darkened room. Cats are often fascinated by the dancing light, but it doesn’t seem to trigger their chasing instinct in the way that a laser light would do. There is also a little flower attachment that goes on the very top of the fountain, but it doesn’t seem to serve any purpose other than decoration.

I also like the fact that this fountain has a wide bowl-like base. When you combine this with the weight of the water, there isn’t very much chance of your cat tipping the fountain over. Speaking of the bowl, it is made out of food-grade plastic. The advertising for the product claims that it is meant to produce maximum water oxygenation, which does improve freshness and taste.

Some buyers have reported pump malfunctions after several months, but these are a very small percentage of the reviews that I found. However, I think there is an explanation for these complaints. A submersible pump is not meant to run outside of the water. Running a pump like this without water can quickly cause the pump to burn out and stop working. So, make sure you always keep this fountain filled whenever the pump is running.


  • Double-filtration (two types)
  • Cool-looking LED display
  • Hard for a cat to tip over
  • Very quiet when used properly
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Some have reported pump issues after several months (see below)
  • May not be big enough for multiple cats and/or long trips
  • Submersible pump can easily burn out if it is allowed to run dry

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You might not think that you need another comb or brush for your cat. After all, cats normally do a pretty good job of grooming themselves. In fact, cats are naturally equipped to groom themselves. That’s why they have that rough tongue that feels so weird when they lick you!

However, you should still take a look at the GoPets Dematting Comb. This is a serious comb for serious problems. It is meant not for daily brushing and combing, but for the correction of matted and tangled fur. As you might guess, this product is much more useful for outdoor cats and cats who tend to get themselves into trouble.

When you look at it, this comb might look a little scary, but it will not harm your cat in any way. Instead of tearing out the matted fur, this comb is meant to gently smooth out the tangles and mats without removing any more hair than absolutely necessary.

This comb is double-sided so that it can serve multiple purposes. However, the only real difference between the two sides lies in the width of the gaps between the teeth. Each “tooth” is a small, hooked piece of metal. The ends are smooth so that they are comfortable against your cat’s skin. The inner part of the tooth is sharpened so that it can cut a matted patch of hair. This is very good because it keeps the comb from pulling on your cats’ hair.

Everyone knows how stubborn a cat can be. If you start pulling at their matted and dirty fur with a traditional comb, it is going to pull out a lot of hair. This will probably cause your cat to run away, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they refuse to let you brush them again.

The side with fewer teeth is used for the removal of stubborn clumps. Think of it as your heavy-duty option. You probably won’t need this end of the comb very often. The side with more teeth is meant for regular combing and removal of minor tangles. It can also be used as a de-shedding brush.

One of the things that sold me on this brush was the money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the product, the company takes returns with a full refund and no questions asked. This is always a good sign, as it points to a company that will stand behind their product.

I like the silicone grip of this comb, as it does a good job of sticking to the hand. However, some buyers have reported issues with the silicone liquifying in the heat. Another complaint is the fact that the teeth will eventually become dull, and it’s very hard to sharpen them. The only method that works it to tear off small pieces of coarse sandpaper and put them in between the teeth. It works, but it takes quite awhile.


  • Inexpensive
  • Two-sided design for increased versatility
  • Made to prevent excessive pulling of your cats’ hair
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Good for cats or dogs


  • Teeth will dull after a while
  • Teeth are very hard to sharpen
  • Silicone handle isn’t the most durable

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That’s right; they make wine for cats. I was also surprised when I found out that this was a thing. I can’t help but think about the fact that cats are a little rambunctious even at the best of times. As such, getting them drunk doesn’t seem like a very good idea.

Thankfully, Catwine is non-alcoholic. This one fact put a lot of my worries to rest. This wine is intended as a treat that your cat can enjoy with you. Not all cat owners may find this product to be appealing, but for wine drinkers, it presents an excellent opportunity to bond with your cat as you both enjoy a nice glass of something refreshing.

Catwine does contain an ingredient that will product a euphoric effect. As you might guess, that ingredient is catnip. This doesn’t mean that the cat is “getting high” per se, but there is no doubt that it will produce a change in their mood.

The Makers of this product seem to have tried very hard to make it a healthy product. This wine is made with only purified water, for one thing. For another, it contains a large dose of salmon oil. Salmon oil is healthy for your cat because it contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids. These substances will promote a shinier and healthier coat, but they are more important to the health of the joints and bones. Animals and humans who consume a lot of omega-3 tend to have fewer mobility problems when compared to others.

There are a few different ways in which you can use this product, depending on what your cat likes best. You can simply pour it into their water bowl and see what they think. If this doesn’t seem to please them, you might try freezing the wine and making a “slushy” with which to top your cats’ favorite food. Some people also like to put this wine in an ice tray so that they can make cute little frozen treats in the summertime.

Pro tip: Don’t try to freeze alcoholic wine before drinking it. The idea of a wine slushy may sound good, but it tends to cause major digestive issues. I would describe the common result as “explosive diarrhea.”

Because of the salmon oil, this product can also be used as a healthy supplement for dry food. The catnip doesn’t have any real nutritional value, but all plants have their healing properties and catnip is no different. Catnip has a long history of use in European folk medicine, in which it is used to treat chronic nervousness and various stomach problems.


  • Cats get a rush from catnip
  • Lots of healthy omega-3 fatty acids
  • Can be frozen, unlike normal wine
  • Great for wine aficionados


  • Some cats don’t seem to like this product
  • New product means that it hasn’t had time to prove its worth
  • Might please the owner more than the cat

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This is not a traditional scratching post. However, I have found it to be very popular with most cats. This product is not a post at all, but a 3-sided device with scratching surfaces on all sides. The inside of the “pyramid” is also lined with a soft and scratchable material.

It should be noted that if you want a traditional scratching post, you can easily make one. All you need to do is take a stick about as wide as your wrist, wrap some rope around it, and affix it to a base. This is so easy and cheap that anyone can do it.

However, if you want to give your cats something a little better, this product does the job nicely. When you buy one of these things, a pack of catnip is included. By rubbing this catnip into the surfaces, you can ensure that your cat notices this and takes a liking.

A few reviews have reported that some cats are not interested in this scratcher, simply because it isn’t quite as rough as a traditional sisal-rope scratcher. However, these seem to make up a small minority of the reviews.

Some other users have reported that you can “train” your cat to use this thing by placing it next to the items that they normally scratch. If your cat is scratching up the back of the recliner, for instance, you would place this scratcher right next to the recliner so that there will be a more appealing alternative in sight.

The scratching surface itself is made from recycled cardboard, which sounds like it would be flimsy. However, it actually holds up better than fabric. It is very important for a scratcher to be durable, especially since this one isn’t the cheapest on the market. Underneath the scratching surface, this thing seems to be made from a very stiff and durable foam.

Because of the fact that it is made from a very stiff material, this thing can be used as a perch by your cats. Many cats seem to enjoy sitting on top of a high perch, and this device gives them that pleasure.

Cats often love to roll around inside of this scratcher, as its rough surface gives them a way to scratch an itch. They can also claw as much as they want while having a comfortable place to lay. Some cats will even go so far as to use this thing for a bed.

This product is pretty large, about a foot and a half in height. Unless you have one of those really huge cats like a Maine Coon or a Ragdoll, it should do the job. Unfortunately, that recycled cardboard surface is vulnerable to water damage.


  • More durable than cloth
  • Looks better than a post wrapped in rope
  • Multiple surfaces means more longevity
  • Makes a good bed or hiding place
  • Big enough for almost all cats


  • Recycled cardboard surfaces are vulnerable to water damage
  • Some cats may not like it
  • A little expensive

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This is a surprisingly simple device that can keep cats entertained for hours at a time. It is especially helpful for those times when you are busy and you really need the cat to get out of your hair. In fact, as I am writing this, my cats are playing with this toy. This is good, because it means they aren’t jumping on the keyboard.

So what is this thing? Well, it looks like a simple wooden box with a bunch of holes in it. In essence, that’s what it is, but your cat can use it in many ways. The toy comes with two toy balls that you put into the holes. Cats will be able to reach into the holes to bat and claw at the balls, but they will not be able to easily remove them from the box. This means that they will be inclined to chase the balls as they roll from one end of the box to the other.

This toy works because it stimulates the natural hunting instinct of a cat. In the wild, a small feline would naturally have a need to snatch small animals out of tight places. Mice have a tendency to hide in cracks and crevices, to say nothing of the various burrowing rodents.

You can get creative with this thing. I like to take a small toy mouse and attach a string to its tail. Use strong fishing line so that it won’t break. Put the toy inside the box with the string trailing outside. Get your cats attention by throwing a treat on top of the box. Now, pull the string to make the mouse move.

The cat will immediately do their best to catch the mouse. Continue to pull the string a little bit at a time. Eventually, you can pull the toy out through one of the holes and allow your cat to pounce on it. I enjoy seeing just how fast I can make the cat run when I finally pull the mouse free.

You can also put a small toy mouse on the end of a stick and move it that way. If you do this, it’s good to attach the mouse to the stick by the end of the tail so that you can whip it around a little bit. This seems to attract their attention very well.

The whole thing is a thick wooden box that would probably be very hard for any cat to destroy. That being said, there are some safety issues to consider. First of all, you should not allow kittens to play with this product unless they are under close supervision. If they are small enough, it is possible for them to get their heads stuck in the holes.

You should also inspect the inside of the box after purchase to make sure there are no slivers of wood or hanging nails. Most of the time this won’t be an issue, but it’s always wise to be on the safe side.


  • Provides hours of entertainment
  • Stimulates the natural hunting instinct
  • Not particularly expensive
  • Can be used with a wide variety of other toys
  • Gives you a new way to play with your cat


  • Not completely safe for kittens
  • Must always be inspected for defects
  • Wood is composite rather than solid

The smallest and lightest Bluetooth waterproof cat tracker with 328 ft range and a 6 month battery life. This is my favorite product on the list.

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One of the age-old problems with cats is their tendency to run off and get lost. It is perfectly normal for outdoor cats to “disappear” from time to time, reappearing after a day or two. Most of the time, they are just out adventuring and exploring as cats will often do.

However, it isn’t always safe to let your cat roam as much as you might like. In some high-crime areas, there are people who will kidnap cats for terrible purposes. This is a horrible thing to think about, but those who are involved in dog fighting will often use cats as a way to teach dogs to kill at an early age.

If you live in a very rural area, you might be worried about predators like coyotes, wolves, or mountain lions. Either way, a GPS collar is a great thing to have. Here, though, we run into a problem because most of these products are intended for dogs. The Whistle 3 is an exception. Although it is obviously made with dogs in mind, the Whistle 3 is small and lightweight enough to be suitable for cats.

Because this product was made for dogs, it is very durable. It is completely waterproof and has a battery life of about seven days. It recharges quickly, and can be fitted to any collar. One of the best things about this product is that it does not include its own collar. Rather, it is designed to snap easily onto any existing collar. The GPS itself is controlled with a smartphone app.

Before trusting this product, you should test it as much as possible. Put it on your cat and take them to a well-fenced area. Let them run around for awhile and see if the smartphone app will accurately track their movements. Test the distance as well.

This product is also an activity monitor. It gives you a good idea of how much exercise your dog is getting, and whether or not they are getting the right kind of exercise. By monitoring and analyzing the animal’s pulse, you can keep a very close watch on the health of your animal. Of course, not all pet owners need to keep close track of their pet’s health, but it’s good to know that this product gives you the option.

This product uses a mix of GPS, Bluetooth, wi-fi and cellular technology to ensure pinpoint accuracy. However, there is a small subscription fee. Some buyers have reported issues with this product, saying that it does not update the location often enough. Others complain of short battery life. I didn’t get any of these issues, but use your best discretion and return if necessary. The company has pretty good customer service, so you should be able to work with them in the event of a defect.


  • Waterproof
  • Attaches to any collar
  • Works as an activity monitor
  • Accurate location using multiple signals
  • Decent customer service


  • Subscription fee
  • Must be carefully checked for defects
  • Requires regular charging

[amazon box=”B00C5TUVXU” template=”horizontal”]

This is an interesting type of cat bed. It is designed for those cats who like to sit by the window and stare at everything. For these kinds of curious animals, a bed that is attached to the window would seem to be ideal.

It should be noted that this device is not safe for large cats. While the suction cups that hold this bed in place are very strong, there are limits to the strength of these devices. Also, it is a good idea to place the Kitty Cot no more than three feet from the ground. This way, if your cat does take a spill, there will be little chance of injury.

These suction cups are very strong, and replacement suction cups are available from the company if they wear out. The frame of the bed is made from high-grade PVC, and it is covered with a thin but soft fabric that is meant for easy cleaning. A simple scrubbing with soap and water is enough to get this fabric back to a passable condition.

In winter, cats can really enjoy this bed. As you may know, warm air has a tendency to rise while cool air has a tendency to descend. The cold air will tend to collect at the lowest point possible, which is the floor. Because of this factor, getting a cat off the ground helps them to stay a little warmer. Add a nice furry blanket to the platform, and you have a very cozy spot for your feline friend.

I chose to modify my Kitty Cot by adding small safety rails to the sides. I made these from some small PVC pipe and connected them to the existing frame with electrical tape and a couple of small screws. This helps the cat to avoid rolling out of bed in the middle of the night.

Feel free to experiment with this idea yourself if your cat has a problem with rolling out of bed. Just make sure that the rail isn’t too high, or it will be harder for your cat to jump onto the perch. The side rails can be as high as you see fit.

The top suction cups are held to the frame by two steel cables, which are held in place with steel clips. It should be noted that you need to clean the suction cups and the window before you attempt to stick them in place. Dirt and grime can prevent a proper seal from forming. It is also important to make sure that the bed itself is level, or else it will pull on the cups in a funny way and possibly cause them to come loose.

The two bottom suction cups are attached to the main platform. During assembly, make sure that these two cups are securely connected to the frame. You really don’t want this thing to dump your cat, or they may become scared to use it again. In fact, cats will avoid this thing like the plague if they are repeatedly dumped. Thankfully, this isn’t all that likely to happen.


  • Space-saver: Doesn’t require even an inch of floor
  • Caters to a cats’ natural love of high places
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of durable materials
  • Easy to install


  • Might require replacement suction cups after a while
  • Not suitable for large cats
  • Might make some owners nervous

[amazon box=”B014GH55MA” template=”horizontal”]

This might be one of the coolest cat toys I have ever seen. What we have here is a 3-way tunnel that folds up for easy transport. When folded up, this thing takes up very little space, making it a perfect choice for those who like to travel with their cat.

The tunnel has a total of four openings where a cat can enter or exit, and one of the holes has a dangling toy in the front for a little extra incentive. Inside the special fabric that the toy is made of, there is a crinkly sort of paper that cats love. This play tunnel is meant to stimulate a cats’ senses in every way.

I like to put a catnip-infused toy at the center of the tunnel, as the cat will tend to bat it around and chase it all through the tunnels. You could also use a toy mouse on a string to send your cat into a frenzy of play. Simply tie the line to the toy and drag it through the tunnel as your cat watches. A toy that dangles from the end of the stick can also be dropped through the center hole to entice your cat further.

One of the things I like about this toy is that it was made with safety in mind. The whole thing is held together by a steel wireframe, but the ends of those wires are capped with thick plastic. This means that, if one of those wire ends somehow ends up poking through the polyester fabric, it will not pose a hazard to your cat.

One of the good things about polyester is that it does not collect cat hair. This is a great thing in this case. Since this is meant to be a travel product, its fair to point out that no one wants you to bring a big bunch of cat hair into their home or into a hotel. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can throw this thing in the washing machine for cleaning. Those metal ribs can damage your washer.

The only serious downside to this product is that a particularly feisty cat might be inclined to destroy it from the inside. As such, it is not recommended for cats with a crazy demeanor. Normal cats should be fine, but particularly destructive cats could probably shred this thing in a matter of minutes.


  • Lots of fun for cats
  • Durable multi-layered polyester
  • Collapsible and compact
  • Doesn’t collect cat hair
  • Wire ends are securely capped


  • Very feisty cats might destroy it
  • Dangling toy isn’t very hard for a cat to dislodge
  • Not machine-washable

I hope this list has helped you to narrow down your search for the perfect gift for a cat lover. 🙂

Happy Shopping!

"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this."
-- Terry Pratchett

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